An NFT boutique dedicated to the development of premium furniture, objects, and spaces for the metaverse, including, limited edition and exclusive collectible collaborations.

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As part of the genesis launch, 0MNIFORM will release 100 Limited-Edition NFT’s inspired by the iconic QTZ lounge, designed by Alexander Lotersztain and re-imagined for your metaverse space by the digital artist Rodrigo Rabaco.

Previewed at Rossana Orlandi Collectible Design Gallery during the Salone del Mobile in Milan 2015, QTZ has been acquired by private collectors and galleries, and published in multiple media and publications.

Iterations of the original stainless steel iconic shape have been further explored in a variety of materials from concrete to 100% recycled plastic.

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  • Genesis Collection Launch – 100 Unique NFTs from  0mniform Genesis Collection

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Drawing on a deep understanding of form and function in ‘the physical’, OMNIFORM creates unique virtual products and experiences that bridge the gap between what’s real and virtual.

The blending of physical and digital experiences; “Phygital”, allows OMNIFORM to experiment without physical boundaries, embrace limitless creativity, and present opportunities for innovation: to break down moulds which confine traditional design processes and deliver unique products, and otherworldly experiences, which can manifest digitally and physically.

Recognising the growing importance of having a digital identity; anonymous or otherwise, OMNIFORM responds to the desire to create a ‘digital home’ whether that be an escape from the real world, a virtual meeting place, a playground for friends across the world, or simply a gallery to showcase our coveted NFTs.

The metaverse is our canvas to uniquely express ourselves and the space we inhabit digitally.

Through collaborations with celebrated designers, OMNIFORM’s founding partners – renowned designer Alexander Lotersztain, digital artist Rodrigo Rabaco, and web3 degen / jpeg connoisseur ThaSwami – are experimenting, innovating, and merging the intersection of objects in the physical world and the virtual, pushing the boundaries of creativity to reimagine form in the metaverse.


As part of our long-term vision, we structured the foundation of our team in 3 fundamental pillars that bring together creative freedom for our projects and a solid roadmap to achieve longevity to our studio.

These pillars encapsulate Industrial Design, Digital Art & Technology.


Alexander Lotersztain

Alexander has a long & successful career leading one of Australia’s leading design companies with over 15 years of existence.

His brand Derlot is a highly respected multi-disciplinary design studio offering commercial and limited edition collections both locally and worldwide.

Rodrigo Rabaco

Rodrigo is a digital artist with over 20 years of experience working with 3D design, digital art & animation.

Rodrigo’s commercial work blends a wide range of creative disciplines and technological tools to produce communication pieces for brands in Australia and worldwide. 

Business & Technology


The head of technology and all things blockchain and NFTs, brings business expertise that ensures all the fundamental pillars of the studio, including roadmaps, technology development, and smart contracts are solid and safe.


0MNIFORM is proud to announce as its first company collaboration, the exclusive representation of Australian brand DERLOT and its entire catalogue of furniture, lighting and objects within our NFT boutique.


What are we doing?

Together we’re experimenting, innovating and merging the intersection of objects in the physical world and the metaverse. Imagine furniture and sculptural designs you know in the real world, now brought into your metaverse in their original form or remixed form and function that can only be achieved in the digital space.

Why are we doing this?

We recognise the growing importance of having a digital identity. For some it’s anonymous, for others it’s an extension of our real selves. And we see the desire for these personas to have a digital home whether that be an escape from the real world, a meeting place or playground for friends across the world, or a gallery to flex our coveted NFTs.

Why our work matters?

Personalisation. The metaverse is our canvas to uniquely express ourselves and the space we inhabit digitally. Isn’t that why we buy jpegs? It’s not all about stacking bags of ETH.

What is the Metaverse?

No one really knows yet. We’re all early in this space, but our vision for the metaverse is decentralised, where virtual spaces and communities are built, relationships developed and creativity thrives. There’s going to be more than one playground and we’re building for interoperability.

What’s unique about 0mniform?

We’re platform agnostic and in fact, we want our NFT assets to be portable to as many platforms as possible.

We’re also working with celebrated designers, so expect familiarity. But we’re also pushing the boundaries of our creativity to reimagine form in the metaverse.

NFT marketplaces are saturated. We envisage a marketplace for metaverse assets that clearly defines platform compatibility and ease of search, so you can get what you want into your digital space seamlessly.